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Ahmednagar can very well claim that their rich and colorful culture is a very humble tribute to India’s evergreen diversity. Since at this historical city people of different religions languages and cultures have harmoniously lived together for thousands of years and are peacefully co-existing even today. Here is a brief look at all the religions, languages, costumes and other important cultural aspects of Ahmednagar.

Simple cloths and simple food is what actually constitute the lifestyle quotient of Ahmednagar city. Here lifestyle only means simplicity and nothing else. This is so because people of Ahmednagar city are even today deeply rooted in rural ethos and values. Yes, one may argue that urbanization fad has caught up with Ahmednagar’s young population, which is clearly visible in their preference for western attires like jeans, T shirt etc.

People of Ahmednagar, however, are still too simple to exhibit the kind of glitz and glamour that one witnesses in big metro cities like Mumbai and Delhi. But, this doesn’t in anyways means that there are less boutiques and garment retail shops in Ahmednagar. There are hordes of them. In fact Ahmednagar’s famous Kapad Bazaar is completely dedicated to selling garments and cloths. And when it also comes to food, as mentioned earlier, the taste and preferences are very simple.

With the major liking of course for Maharashtrian cuisines. Chapati, Bhakri, Rice, Dal and hordes of Maharashtrian Bhajis make up the basic and daily staple of Ahmednagar people. There is very minimal presence of multi cuisine and inter-continental restaurants in this part of the world. Equally there is very less presence of lifestyle clubs and gyms in the city. Overall, it is apt to say that city of Ahmednagar is still deeply rooted in rural ethos and values and hence lifestyle of people here is still very simple and conservative.


Languages Spoken in Ahmednagar Marathi is obviously the largest spoken language, followed by Hindi. Even English language is slowly gaining prominence in Ahmednagar. This is very well reflected by few English speaking classes operating in Ahmednagar city. However, as of today English is spoken and understood by very niche population in Ahmednagar.

Traditional Attire

Ahmednagar society embracing modern culture and values is best reflected in its people’s growing preference for western costumes and attires. This is mainly true of younger generation who like to dress up in jeans, trousers and T shirts. Even young and college girls have begun to adapt themselves to western attires. However, majority of girls of Ahmednagar even today prefer wearing traditional Salwar Kameez. Besides, traditional & conservative attires like Kurta pajama, Dhoti and Saree is still a preferred costume of majority of elder and older people of Ahmednagar.



Sports obviously is one of the most popular recreational activities in Ahmednagar city. Just like in innumerable cities, towns and villages of India, even people of Ahmednagar flock to their nearest grounds to indulge in their favorite sporting activities. And here too the most popular sport is obviously cricket. However, in Ahmednagar popularity of cricket hasn’t completely hampered the popularity of traditional Indian sports like kabaddi and kho kho. Although they are mostly played during inter school and inter college competition.Nonetheless, people of Ahmednagar even today love to watch and play these traditional sports. Cattle races are very famous in the rural regions of Ahmednagar district.

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