- Culture of Kochi (Cochin)

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Cochin CultureThe culture of the port city of Cochin may be understood by studying various factors, like the behavior and belief patterns of its residents, their language, religions and so on. When viewed from this perspective, the city has a colorful culture.On the other hand, there is Kalady, the birthplace of Adi Shankaracharya. Here's information about some major factors influencing the culture of Kochi city of India.

Kochi's Jewish community has been particularly influential in the development of the city's character. Kochi Jews, or Malabar Jews, lived in the region for centuries, some say since the destruction of the first temple in Jerusalem. An influx of Jews came to Kochi in the 17th- and 18th-centuries from the Middle East and Northern Africa. Most of the Jewish community emigrated to Israel after its foundation.Kochi's cuisine is characterized by the use of coconut and spices, but the city also embraces other south-Asian cuisines such as Chinese. Fast food is also popular in the city.Residents of Kochi are avid sports fans, and root fervently for the local soccer and cricket teams.Cinema plays an important part of Kochi's culture, and the city is a regional centre of film production. Each year, the Kochi International Film Festival is held in the city


Cochin Cultural Centre is one of the prime organization Working in the field of Art, Culture and Entertainment industry for the Preservation, promotion and propagation of our rich culture, tradition and heritage through ethnic performing arts of KeralaWe regularly conduct coaching classes in various disciplines of Kerala's ethnic art forms as well as running two air conditioned performing theatres for the regular performances of the traditional, ethnic art forms of Kerala with special reference to KATHAKALI
For the convenience of our guests, we have opened two air conditioned performing theatres. Our main theatre is in the heart of Ernakulam city and the second one in Fort Kochi. Both the centers perform daily Kathakali shows with highly trained professionals.Dancers perform a prayer, then there will be an introductory demonstration with English narration and finally the play itself..

Arts & Crafts

Cochin Arts & CraftsIf there is one thing in particular you can cease worrying about upon reaching the port city of Cochin, it is shopping for mementos and gifts items. The local arts and crafts industry in Kochi is so strong that you will find numerous shops there selling handicraft items. Kochi artisans are very adept and the handicrafts they make have amazing preciseness. Since the price of most of these arts and crafts is quite affordable, these shops are one of the favorite haunts of the tourists.You will find many items carved out of rosewood, like paper weights, lamp stands, book ends and also figures of elephants, tigers, deer, elephants, fishes et al. then, there will be bell-metal like utensils, lamps, bells and so on and ecologically sensitive art and craft items made of coconut shells like nut bowls, powder boxes, spoons and hookahs. Another not to be missed item is hanging lampshade, made from bamboo. Here are the names and addresses of some shops in Cochin you can check out for these arts and crafts items.

Cochin Languages

Since ancient times, the port city of Cochin witnessed successive waves of migration by the Arabs, British, Chinese, Dutch, and Portuguese, who came here mainly for the purpose of trade. Many of these groups went on to reside in Kochi, before migrating away to other lands. Still, their influence was so strong that it still reflects in the colorful mosaic of varied ethnic communities and groups.


Malayalam is the state language of Kerala. It is also the main language of communication and medium of instruction in Cochin.


After Malayalam, the most commonly spoken language of Kochi is English. It is more commonly used in the business circles.


Though most of the people understand this language, it is not spoken on a usual basis.


Though Tamil is the state language of Tamil Nadu, it is also widely understood in Kochi. However, it is not much used in the daily conversation of people.

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