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Khajuraho Festival of Dances

Every ancient monument has a fascinating story to tell. But few match the mystery wrapped around the temples of Khajuraho in central India. Once the capital of the great Chandela Kings, Khajuraho today is a quiet village of a few thousand people .It is also the setting of the Khajuraho Festival of Dances which draws the best classical dancers in the country every year, who perform against the spectacular backdrop of the floodlit temples. The seven-day extravaganza is a unique treat for connoisseurs from all over the world.
The past and the present silhouetted against the glowing sun as the backdrop becomes an exquisite backdrop for the performers. In a setting where the earthly and the divine create perfect harmony - an event that celebrates the pure magic of the rich classical dance traditions of India. As dusk falls, the temples are lit up in a soft, dream-like ethereal stage. The finest exponents of different classical Indian styles are represented - Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, Odissi, Manipuri, and many more.

Bhagoria Haat Festival

Bhagoria Haat Festival of Madhya Pradesh is one of the most amusing tribal festivals in India because during this festival, young boys and girls are allowed to elope after choosing their partners. The Bhagoria Haat Festival belongs to the local tribes called Bhils and Bhilalas.Bhagoria Haat Festival is organized in the district of West Nimar and Jhabua. The haat is organized in the form of a 'swayamvar' or a marriage market where young girls and boys are allowed to choose their partners.Bhagoria Haat Festival has an agricultural significance attached to it, that is, it coincides with the end of harvesting. So some people also celebrate it to mark the completion of harvesting.

But the star attraction of Bhagoria Haat Festival of Madhya Pradesh is the running away of young boys and girls with their partner who are later accepted as husband and wife by the society. During the Bhagoria Haat Festival in Madhya Pradesh, the boys put red powder on the face of the girl to whom he wants to get married, if the girl too wishes to marry the same boy, she has to put the same red powder on the boy's face after which both of them run away from that place. But if the girl does not agree in the first chance, the boy can go behind her to persuade her and may win her heart.

Madai festival

Madai festival is one of the most colorful tribal festival of Madhya Pradesh. The Madai festival of Madhya Pradesh is held in various villages in line from Mandla to Bastar. The Madai festival is one of its kind festival to be celebrated in Bastar. The Madai festival of Madhya Pradesh is held every year in the third or fourth week of February.

The Madai festival is mainly celebrated by the Gond tribe who travel long distances to reach this place to meet their friends and relatives and buy their whole year's supply of things such as salt, spices and cooking oil, etc. When the Gond tribe reaches these villages, they all get into the festivity mood and hence the Madai festivalis celebrated. In most of the villages, the arrangements for Madai festival are done beforehand.

The star attraction of Madai festival at Madhya Pradesh is a village named Narayanpur which lies in the district of Bastar. The day on which Madai festival is celebrated is of great spiritual significance and this is why people perform various religious rituals. Many people gather under the shade of a sacred tree to sacrifice a goat and offer it to the Mother Goddess. All this is accompanied by loud chanting of hymns and religious rhymes, drum beating and ringing of bells.At Madai festival of Madhya Pradesh, you will get to witness the tribal lifestyle, culture and customs. Moreover, you can also check out their traditional clothes, music, dance and arts and crafts, food, etc.

Tansen music festival

Tansen music festival which is held in Gwalior every year is organized in the memory of one of the nine gems in the court of Emperor Akbar and the great musical legend named Tansen. The Tansen music festival is also known as Tansen Sangeet Sammelan or the Tansen Utsav. Further, Gwalior itself has a long history of producing great musicians and singers.

Tansen music festival in Madhya Pradesh is organized every year near the tomb of the great musician Tansen at Behat.The Tansen music festival of Madhya Pradeshgoes on for five nights. Renowned musicians, singers and vocalists from all across the country gather at Tansen music festival in Madhya Pradesh to perform in front of the large audience who comes from various corners of India.

For five nights, the air of Gwalior carries the fragrance of the Tansen music festival to every corner of the town and intoxicates everyone with its soft and sweet music. Classical music has its own charm. People who have knowledge about it say that this kind of music do not require words rather they speak through their tunes, one needs to understand every tune and note.

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