- Fairs and Festivals of Aizawl

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The traditional repertoire of festival and folk and community dance offer visitors a delightful insight into the tribal heritage of Mizo culture in all its richness and variety.Surprisingly, some of the most popular dances - the Cheraw ( bamboo dance), Khuallam, Solakia and Chheih Lam were never created for stage - rather they evolved out a spontaneous community spirit and participation.

Mim Kut Festival

Mim Kut is a religious Festival held in Aizawl. It is a vibrant and colorful fiesta that is celebrated with tremendous zeal and enthusiasm. It is actually a Maize Festival, fêted amidst extensive gaiety. Mim Kut is thus a joyous ceremony that adds a new feather to the stunning coronet of fiestas in Aizawl. The Mim Kut Festival is supposed to have assembled the spirit of Aizawl in a single sack. It consists of the elegance of lush green fields, the cerulean mountain ranges dotted with blond peaks that dazzles with the golden radiance of the sun. All these accumulates together to create a canvas of a skilled artist. As an artist dips his brush into his own nature and paints the canvas with precision and care, Aizawl is a similar canvas that had been created by the Almighty with his own hands, and Nature itself reflects that.

The Fairs and Festivals in Aizawl are unique in their own ways. There is an ample scope for entertainment during these festivals. The Mim Kut Festival is supposedly celebrated in Aizawl to invoke the dead souls and offer tribute to them. This presentation of accolade takes place amidst ceremonial hues in which the entire city bedecks itself.The Mim Kut Festival in Singapore lasts for two or three days at a stretch. Since it is believed that the dead souls revisit the house of their previous lives, offerings are made to them. These offerings include fresh vegetables, maize, bread and necklaces. Often clothes are also dedicated in their memories. Sacrifices are specially made in the reminiscence of the near ones who conks out in the previous year. On the second day of the Mim Kut Festival extensive bread lunches are served and people take a hearty meal from bread items. There is also widespread drinking of rice beer, singing and ballet to enliven the spirit of the fiesta.

Pawl Kut Festival

Pawl Kut Festival, Pawl Kut Festival travel, Pawl Kut Festival of Aizawl, Fair and Festival of Aizawl, Aizawl fairs festivals tourPawl Kut is Harvest Festival - celebrated during December to January after the harvests are over. It is perhaps the greatest festival, with plenty of grains in the barn and all the labours of the year over, what better time is there than this to have a great festival. There is a legend regarding the origin of this festival. In the olden days when the Mizos were living to the east of the Tiau River in the Chin Hills, which is now in Burma, there was famine for three consecutive years. In the fourth year the people had a bumper crop. The people believed that this was a blessing of the supreme god and as a thanksgiving they celebrated Pawl Kut.

It was customary for everyone to eat meat and eggs during Pawl Kut. A few days before the day is fixed for the feast, the men would go out hunting wild animals, trapping birds or fishing. One would get as much meat as one's means would permit. Even the poorest would kill at least a fowl for the household eat. As in Chapchar Kut, mothers and children would gather together at the Lungdawh bringing with them plates of rice, boiled eggs and meat and feed one another performing Chhawnghnawt. The young men and girls would also attend the Chhawnghnawt. The men would collect in the houses of well-to-do persons and Zu would be drunk. The festivities were followed by Eipuar Awm Ni or the day of rest.

Chapchar Kut Festival

Chapchar Kut Festival, Chapchar Kut Festival travel, Chapchar Kut Festival of Aizawl, Fair and Festival of Aizawl, Aizawl fairs festivals tourAmong other festivals, Chapchar Kut or Spring Festival is the most well-liked festival, celebrated after completion of the most arduous job of jungle clearing for 'jhum' operations. On this day, people of all ages, young and old, men and women clothed in their respective colourful costumes and head-gears, assemble and perform a range of folk dances, sing traditional songs, accompanied by the beating sound of drums, gongs and cymbals. It is in these dances that the visitor can get a sight of the tribal heritage of the Mizos. Most important of these dances are Cheraw (bamboo dance), Khuallam, Solakia and Chheih Iam. These dances have evolved through community involvement and contribution. On the second day, members of the extra clans in the village would kill their pigs for the village feast. On the third day, which was known as Kut day, Zu would be taken in the houses in which someone had died during the year.

On this day before sunset in the evening people mainly mother and children dressed in their best would gather in the open space in the village at the Lungdawh, which is a stone platform put up as a memorial to the dead, bringing with them rice, boiled eggs and meat. One would try to force the food down the throat of one's friends. This was known as Chhawnghnawt. After sunset the young boys and girls would get together in the houses of well-to-do-villagers. They would spend the night in drinking, singing and dancing. The next day was known as Zupui Ni which was the day of drinking aChapchar Kut Festival, Chapchar Kut Festival travel, Chapchar Kut Festival of Aizawl, Fair and Festival of Aizawl, Aizawl fairs festivals tour particular type of liquor called Zupui which was brewed from well husked rice. In the evening before sunset, young men and girls dressed in their best would collect in the open space of the village for singing and dancing. They formed a circle in which the young men would have their arms across girls who would alternate between the boys. Within the circle would be the drummer or gong beater, who would chant while the young people would sing and move bit by bit keeping time with the song. This dance was known as Chai dance. During the dance, the children of the village would go on serving the dancing boys and girls Zu of the best variety in bamboo cups.

Thalfavang Kut Festival

Thalfavang Kut Festival, Thalfavang Kut Festival travel, Thalfavang Kut Festival of Aizawl, Fair and Festival of Aizawl, Aizawl fairs festivals tourThe State celebrates the festival of Thalfavang Kut every November. This festival is celebrated in connection with the completion of weeding the land in preparation of the forthcoming harvest. This period of leisure and free time has been a period of celebration and relaxation. This festival also depicts the cultural heritage and the traditional games of the Mizos. It has given an opportunity for the community to come together and renew old bonds and ties.   

Christmas Festival

Here Christmas is celebrated for three days starting from 24th till 26th of December. The majority population of the region is Christian, so Christmas is one of the most important events of the Mizos. On Christmas Eve, people start celebrations in their homes and on the 25th of December, a grand celebration takes place in the church. On 26th December the families organize a grand and sumptuous feast where everyone from young to old take part and rejoice with great fervor in festivities and in true sense of community.

Anthurium Festival

The 3-day Anthurium Festival has become one of the most important and famous festivals of Aizawl. It is celebrated in the last week of September when harvesting of the cut flowers is at its peak. Celebrated at Reiek, this festival of flowers reflects the rich heritage of the Mizos and progress of present day Aizawl.

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