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The most prominent centers of shopping in Ajmer include Station Road, Madar Gate, Naya Bazaar, Nala Bazaar, Purani Mandi and Kaisarganj. The markets of Ajmer are also famous for selling 'Ittar' which is squeezed out of rose petals and this is something that dates back to the time of Emperor Jahangir who patronized it's use. People who visit Dargah Sharif should always make it a point to visit Dargah Bazaar which serves to be an important place for buying some great handicrafts, souvenirs and artifacts. The Pushkar Fair that is held very close to the city of Ajmer also serves to be an important shopping center for buying handicarfts at affordable prices. Mahila Mandi and Churi Bazaar are other markets where one can buy colorful bangles and other items of Rajasthan craftsmanship.

Naya Bazaar

Naya Bazaar is the main market at Ajmer. Here, you can get everything from antique jewellery, miniature paintings, woodwork to groceries! Plus, the smell of ittar wafts through the air, making shopping a pleasurable experience. The entire stretch of Naya Bazaar is dotted with exclusive shops. And do remember to try your luck at bargaining for everything except ittar, for that usually comes with a fixed price tag.

Dargah Bazaar

Dargah Bazaar is the other major shoppers’ hub at Ajmer. It’s also the entrance to the famous dargah and sees thousands of tourists in a day. It’s a swarming old world hub where you can get some really marvellous pieces of bracelets and other jewellery, antiques, paintings, woodworks, jutis and more. This place calls for a lot of bargaining and you must try to strike some good deals here, it’s the reason shopaholics love this place.

Mahila Mandi

Well, it’s a haven for women shoppers! It’s a place that throbs with the enthusiastic ladies that can be seen around, carrying an almost uncountable number of shopping bags. Come, hobnob with the true shopaholics to grab the best of antiques, curios, jewellery, tie and dye fabrics, embroidered shoes (Mojaris), trinkets, bangles, odhnis, lehngas and more. It’s a shoppers’ delight. Take bargaining as a rule here and you are good to go!

Other than these hubs, Station Road Market is another place that you ought to check out. Again, it’s a collection of all the specialities that Ajmer boasts of. And if all the shopping gets you hungry, gorge at the special kulfi and faluda at the Dargah Bazaar. Go, shop!

Purani Mandi

Purani Mandi is a place for all kinds of shopping for families, friends and solo's.

Oasis Mall

A well known mall in Ajmer, step in to indulge in a wide array of shopping options. From apparel and shoes to accessories and household supplies you are sure to find anything and everything you need at the Oasis Mall. Perfect for a day of shopping, this mall is a must visit!

Vega Mall

A one stop shopping destination, you get almost everything under the sun at the Vega mall.

Churi Bazaar

Best place to get those colourful bangles and other intresting little trinkets.

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