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The Mughal Heritage Walk is a community based tourism initiative of CURE (Center for Urban and Regional Excellence) and the Uttar Pradesh government, to help villagers make an income from tourism and improve their living conditions. This one kilometer walk takes place on the riverside opposite the Taj Mahal and goes through Kachhpura village. You'll get to visit a number of lesser-known monuments of the Mughal Era in a rural setting, interact with the village communities, and enjoy a fabulous view of the Taj Mahal as well. The walking tour costs 1,250 ruppes for adults and 750 rupees for children under 12 years old.The other side of the Taj across the river Yamuna where Mughal History has been written in edicts of stone, the river Yamuna lined with the residences of mobility was the artery, the very lifeline, which fostered the development of Mughal Agra. By weaving together these heritage relics a historic experiences of Mughal Agra has been created as “Kachhpura Tourist village.

For the tourists who wish to go beyond the conventional routes or if you are short on time yet wish to explore the precincts of Agra beyond the Taj, a walk through Kachhpura village takes you through the various monuments of Mughal Era in midst of rural setting intertwined with the communities along with stunning view of the Taj.

Tourist Village Kachhpura offers a Mughal Heritage Walk with an experience of the Mughal era with its NATURAL AND RUSTIC SETTING” View of rare RICH ARCHITECTURAL HERIATGE and feel of the LIVING TRADITIONS”. The youth from the community, trained as tour facilitator, provide both historical facts and anecdotes. Experience the Kachhpura tourist village and explore some lesser known monuments in the shadow of the Taj and Red fort.

For an everlasting impression of the heritage of Agra observe the traditional and local craft souvenirs made by women in the community. For those who may wish to avail of the extended hospitality of Kachhpura people, there is a provision for Tea Terrace with a view of Taj with standard, comfortable, clean, affordable, and safe facilities. The whole village walk through India’s Mughal History and amiable people is an unforgettable experience.

The walk is facilitated by the community youth, trained as Tour facilities, who provide both historical facts and anecdotes.

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