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The 'City of Dreams' is home to several shopping areas, malls and markets, where you can buy almost anything, from shoes to posters and kitchenware to furniture! Mumbai is famous for its up-to-the-minute goods, be it ethnic clothes or the latest, designer shoes. This posh city provides amazing venues for shoppers who like to buy anything under the sun! Travelling within the city should not be an issue as Mumbai is well-equipped with local transport facilities like trains, buses and auto-rickshaws. A number of shopping malls and boutiques are established in almost every nook and cranny of the city. Some of the best shopping areas in Mumbai are Chor Bazaar, Crawford Market, Fashion Street and Zaveri Bazaar. What makes this city so amazing is that you can get everything you need in every locality and never get enough of the exciting shopping experiences! So, save up some cash and explore the many shopping locations in this city, as Mumbai promises you a shopping experience of a lifetime!

There are other remarkable shopping places found in this city. The Heera Panna Shopping Centre, which is a popular shopping area located in Haji Ali, is indeed a treat for all shopaholics. This market sells electronic appliances, accessories, jewelery, clothes, home furnishings and much more. The Kalbadevi Market is great for purchasing watches, utensils/kitchenware, bicycles and so on. Linking Road, situated in Bandra, is packed with numerous stalls and shops that sell branded goods and is a local favorite for shopping.

Mumbai is the ultimate destination for a memorable shopping experience. This city offers you several shopping venues where you can fulfill all your shopping needs. There are several markets, malls and boutiques established in every part of the city. So, come and explore the many shopping centers of Mumbai, but don't forget to fill your wallet with lots of cash!

Chor Bazaar

Mumbai's Chor Bazaar is the pride of the city in terms of shopping. Located in South Mumbai, Chor Bazaar literally translates to 'thieves market'. One of the oldest markets in Mumbai, the place has a fascinating history that dates back to over 150 years. Initially, Chor Bazaar was known as 'Shor Bazaar', which means 'noisy market'. However, the British, during their reign in India, mispronounced the word and the market eventually became known as 'Chor Bazaar'. One of the most fascinating souks, Chor Bazaar is home to many stolen goods, just as the name suggests. You will usually find shopaholics rummaging for goods at throwaway prices. From antiques to Victorian furniture and fashion to electronics, a wide array of goods available here is staggering. Most of the shop-owners are used to the whims and fancies of the shoppers; therefore, if you are good at bargaining, then this might be the place to be! One of the main tourist attractions in Mumbai, Chor Bazaar is also one of the busiest places in this metropolitan city. To know more, read on.

A Shopper's Utopia

History And Surroundings
Chor Bazaar has a history that spans over 150 years. The market was initially known as 'Shor Bazaar' and eventually got changed to 'Chor Bazaar'. Over time, illegal and stolen goods found its way to the market, vindicating the new name of the market. It is believed that this place was a favorite with the British during their reign in India. They would often purchase grandfather clocks, furniture, brassware and other household items at offbeat prices. These souks were considered to be the only place in Mumbai selling goods at such unusual rates.

Once in Chor Bazaar you will find yourself surrounded by Muslim architecture buildings and surrounding. Located on Mutton Street, the area is full of dilapidated buildings, crowded streets and crumbling shops, retaining a bit of the old world charm. Most of the lanes are crammed with vendors selling all sorts of goods at very fluid prices. The closest railway station to Chor Bazaar is located at Grant Road.

Chor Bazaar Trinkets

  •     Brassware
  •     Electronics
  •     Hardware
  •     Tools
  •     Meats
  •     Fashion
  •     Footwear
  •     Bronze items
  •     Furniture
  •     Cane goods
  •     Vintage goods
  •     Stolen artifacts

The popularity of Chor Bazaar has grown over the years. Several Bollywood films have been shot in the alleyways of this crammed street. Mini Market and Juma Market at Chor Bazaar are two small subdivisions of this famous market. At Mini Market, tourists can find posters and all other trinkets related to the Bollywood industry. At the Juma Market, hardware, tools and furniture can be found aplenty. The Chor Bazaar has also been mentioned in a popular novel by Rohinton Mistry, called 'Such a long journey'.

Chor Bazaar is a popular market place in Mumbai and should not be missed! Apart from being one of the remnants of the old-world Bombay, Chor Bazaar is also a popular place where you can pick up some good deals for yourself. If you are a shopaholic, then Chor Bazaar might just be the place for you! Come and explore the old-world charm of Mumbai!

Location:                              Mutton Street, Near Bhendi Bazaar, South Mumbai
Highlights/Famous For:        Goods (fashion, furniture, gadgets, books, kitchenware) at off-the-cuff prices.
Nearby Tourist Attractions:   Bhendi Bazaar, Bandra, Linking Road, the Mumbai Mint
How to Reach:                      Local transport (Buses, taxis and auto-rickshaws)
Timings:                               11 AM to 7.30 PM (Fridays remain closed)

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