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Ajanta View Point
Perhaps in the whole country and the subcontinent nowhere is a view point like that of Ajanta. It was here that in 1819 John Smith rediscovered Ajanta. This view point is on the way to Ajanta at 8 km distance, 10 km before Ajanta at Balapur Junction. A must for the AJANTA-PHILIC person. It gives a bird eye view of Ajanta.

Ghatotkach Caves
A distance of about 14-15 kms from Golegaon towards the left, on Aurangabad - Ajanta highway takes you to this piece of lesser known caves called the Ghatotkach caves. Worth only for an adventure traveler.

Vetalwadi Fort
Although this fort is unmanned and has the nearest town as Soygaon and one can access with an adventures spirit from Ghatotkach caves or the best alternative is to seek help from someone at Soygaon.

Ghrishneshwar Temple
Ghrishneshwar Temple is a very revered temple, situated in the state of Maharashtra. It lies very near to the Buddhist caves of Ellora, only half a kilometer away, and serves as the abode of one of the 12 Jyotirlingas in India dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Ellora Caves
Ellora Caves are situated in Maharashtra, at a distance of approximately 30 km from the city of Aurangabad. Founded in the period between 5th century and 10th century AD, these caves were declared as one of the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, a number of years back.

The holy village of Khuldabad, meaning the Abode of Eternity, houses the tomb of Aurangzeb, the last Mughal Emperor. A simple structure, it serves as a reminder of the frugal life led by the great ruler. It was constructed, as per his instructions, with the few rupees he had earned by stitching cloth caps.

Situated at a distance of almost 122 km from Aurangabad, Lonar forms the site of one of the world's 5 largest craters, with its diameter being nearly 1.75 km, and depth being nearly 132 m. It was formed nearly 50,000 years ago, by the impact of a meteorite. One can find a beautiful lake at its base, which was formed over thousands of years, by the perennial streams flowing into the crater. This lake has become a preferred retreat for birds like flamingoes, moorhen, coot, peacocks and dabchicks.

Shani Shignapur
Shani Shignapur is a village, situated 68 km from Aurangabad. It is famous for housing a splendid temple, dedicated to Shani Dev. One of the remarkable features of the village is that in it, none of the houses have locks and it hasn't witnessed a single theft till date.

Pariyon ka Talab
Pariyon ka Talab, meaning the 'Lake of Fairies', lies around 60 km from Aurangabad. Situated on the banks of the lake is a beautiful temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Climate of Ajanta
Knowing about the weather, temperature, climate, rainfall, snowfall, humidity of any place is important since one needs to plan according to how hot or how cold the seasonal temperature is. The temperature in Ajanta today is 32 °C, while humidity is 48 %. Today would be a good day for wearing cotton if you are already there. If you were looking for weather in Ajanta during December, be prepared for maximum and minimum temperatures ranging from 24 to 35 °C and humidity levels of around 48 %. While the Ajanta weather in January will have temperatures ranging from 10.0 to 33.0 °C.The city experiences a moderate climate throughout the year, where neither the summers are scorching hot and nor the winters are freezing cold. Infact, there is never too big a difference between the summer and winter temperatures of the city. Just like the other cities of India, it also experiences three main seasons - summers, winters and monsoons. The summers here last for three to four months i.e. from mid March to mid July. During this time, the average temperature reaches the maximum level of 40 deg C.

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