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Khajuraho is a stunning city nestled in the state of Madhya Pradesh in central India. Its claim to fame is the beautiful temples carved in stone and one of the examples of the splendid architectural and engineering prowess in ancient India.

Things to Buy in Khajuraho

Any visit to a popular destination in India is incomplete without indulging in shopping. Khajuraho offers a plethora of options to indulge in ranging from affordable knick-knacks to high end and expensive artwork. The bazaars are rich and colorful and keep abreast of the latest trends in fashion and art and hence one can see contemporary collections on display keeping in line with the trends. It is best to bargain hard to arrive at a good deal and everyone here loves a good bargain.

Textile Items

The textile industry has gained some ground in the last decade owning to the increasing demand for local hand crafted products in the market. Ethnic handcrafted and hand embroidered textiles and saris are a popular pick in the local markets here. The artisans have lately taken to incorporating contemporary motifs and techniques and use of better fabrics providing quality products making them popular amongst the tourists. The local shops and emporiums stock these ethnic products and are a favorite among the local and foreign tourists. The tribals in this part of India also have their own ethnic techniques which transform into exquisite pieces which are popular around the globe. The tribal art has been resurrected in recent times and is helping them earn livelihood and avoid migration in search of work. Most of the textile and apparel products are available at throwaway prices and are a must buy when in Khajuraho.

Silver and Brassware Goods

Silver and brass artifacts are one of the most popular picks in Khajuraho. Most of the artifacts are replicas of the temples and the sculptures making them interesting gift options and hence popular among the tourists. The brass sculptures are inlaid with beautiful Jali- work and show impeccable craftsmanship of the local artisans. The artisans here are also known for hand carving and hand painting and hence brass articles are sometimes brought to Khajuraho for the excellent finishing touches of the local artisans here. These products make very good gifting options and are an exquisite reminder of the beautiful city.

Handicraft Items

For connoisseurs of art and ethnic artifacts, Khajuraho is a paradise. The local markets here offer various kinds of handicrafts like the metal wares, bamboo artifacts, Dhokra pieces of art and tribal articles. Dhokra metal craft uses the lost wax technique which has been used in India probably since the Indus Valley Civilisation. This unbroken continuity in tradition and the vitality of the art form makes it a coveted collectors item. It is also an environmental friendly art form since the local artisans use only scrap metal for their creations. Each piece of art is unique and no one creation is like any other making it an exclusive art form. Dhokra artifacts are very popular in the international markets for their primeval simplicity and folk motifs and also known for the impeccable craftsmanship. Ethnic and contemporary jewellery made from various products ranging from wood, metal, paper, bamboo etc is also popular here.

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