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It is true that if Jammu & Kashmir is rich in natural beauty, it has a low score in its quality of night life. Not having several pubs, bars or clubs are chiefly because this state is known for its delightful natural beauty and majestic hill stations where one curls up at home in the evenings and relaxes with a cup of rich coffee or hot chocolate. This is also the case in several other Indian hill stations. In fact, it is common for restaurants and shops to shut early in the evening, thereby leading to an absence of nightlife as one would find in large cities. However, here nightlife is restricted to the pubs, hotels and bars that are part of the big hotels of Jammu & Kashmir. The reason Jammu is devoid of any nightlife is because it is a temple town and, therefore, though alcohol is not entirely banned, it is difficult to procure. You would be lucky to find a handful of bars and clubs serving alcohol, of course in hotels only. The Pavilion is one of Jammu’s very famous bars, in fact, it is Hotel Asia’s comprehensive bar. In the evenings, one can find some entertainment in the evenings at the few movie theaters here which screen the latest movies. Though Kashmir does not have particularly many bars or pubs, it certainly has several restaurants, fast-food joints and cafes. If you want to enjoy Kashmir’s street food while taking a walk along the Dal Lake, the Boulevard Road is the place to be. Since Kashmir does not have any stand-alone pubs, you can only buy liquor from shops in the cantonment area where security is tight or in the bars housed in five star hotels. If you’re looking for scintillating nightlife when holidaying in Jammu & Kashmir, you would like to be seen at the most talked-about cafes, or enjoy a scrumptious dinner or walk down the lakeside while the mist plays its magic around you, and the serenity of the place is an experience you want to hold on to.

1) Night Life in Jammu & Kashmir is quite non-existent and not many will find too many bars, clubs or pubs. There are not many night clubs in Jammu & Kashmir as the state is known for its beautiful hill stations and where evenings are meant to cozy up and relax indoors with a nice cup of hot chocolate or coffee. Most hill stations in India do not have a thriving nightlife and the same is the case with the state of Jammu & Kashmir. Usually most of the stores, restaurants etc. close down quite early at night and therefore one wouldn’t find an active nightlife as one would find in a big metropolitan city. Nightlife is limited to the hotels, pubs and bars within some of the hotels in Jammu & Kashmir. Where Jammu is concerned it is primarily known as the city of temples and though alcohol is not prohibited, it is definitely not made available easily. There may be few clubs and bars that may serve and usually one can find it in the hotels. One of the bars that is quite well-known in Jammu is the Pavilion, which is a full service bar at the Hotel Asia. There are a quite a few cinema halls where one can catch the latest flick during the evenings.

2)In Kashmir too there are not many pubs or bars, however, there are a growing number of cafes, restaurants, fast-food joints etc. There is the Boulevard Road near the famous Dal Lake, which is a good place to mix and mingle with the locals, enjoy local street food while taking a stroll along this road. Independent pubs are hardly there and the option to purchase liquor is only from shops found within the high-security cantonment area or in bars in five star hotels. Night Life in Jammu & Kashmir is about hanging out at one of the trendiest cafes, enjoying a delicious dinner or simply taking a stroll and enjoying the cool misty air and the serene calmness of the place.

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