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The wonderful handicrafts of Goa are a must buy for everybody. Brassware, terracotta, shell work, crochets, carved furniture, bamboo work, papier-mache, etc make excellent souvenir and are available in Government Emporiums and also at shops and stalls near the popular tourist spots. Another item that is also very popularly sought out by many shoppers is a pack of famed cashews. Goa's cashew nuts are famous in India and abroad. There are a wide variety of cashews available for sale: plane, salted and roasted. Goa also have some famous market places, which are a must visit for all tourists.

For travellers to Goa, the visit is not complete unless they take back a souvenir of their memorable sojourn in this magnificent paradise. Naturally, shopping should be a priority on the itinerary of every tourist, along with the sightseeing attractions.The excellent local handicrafts of Goa are easily the most popular souvenir items and include brassware, terracotta, shell work, crochet, carved furniture, bamboo work, papier-mache, etc. These are available in the Government Emporia and also at shops and stalls near the popular tourist spots.

Local Markets

Traditional Markets

Most Goan towns have a Municipal Market where you can get practically everything you need in one place to stock up on your provisions. This is the traditional market place for the average Goan for his daily shopping needs.These markets are usually the most interesting place to browse around for shopping. However over the years, some markets have gained fame around the world for their unique variety and ambience.

Friday Mapusa Market

The small town of Mapusa lies in northern Goa and is one of the main market centres in the state, serving both inland farmers and the villagers of the coast.The market is at its bustling best every Friday morning when it draws large crowds of Goans as well tourists. Goans come from all over the state to do their weekly shopping here.Although it's not much different from any other regional market, it's an excellent example of a typical busy Goan bazar. The market opens early morning around 8 am and the business is in full swing throughout the day until the closure at around 6 pm in the evening.

Banastarim Bazar

Banastarim is a small village which lies in Ponda Taluka further along the road down the highway NH4A from the famous Old Goa Church complex. There is a weekly bazar held here on Fridays, which is quite similar to the Mapusa market.The main difference between the two markets is that due to its location, this is not yet as popular with the tourists. As such the market still retains its old world charm and Goan ambience without the commercialisation aimed at tourists.

Anjuna Market

Originally started by foreigners who wanted to sell off their second-hand items such as cameras, watches and even clothes, the Anjuna market today has quite a different appearance.Held every Wednesday, near the famous Anjuna beach, it is a major attraction for people from Goa as well as the tourists.Bargaining is expected by most vendors, so be sure to haggle around with the starting price until you are sure you are getting your money's worth.

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