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Love shopping, then shopping in Kashmir is the best option for you to try out. The famous bazaars of Srinagar in Kashmir offer a great deal to the travelers for buying the famous hand woven carpets demanded all over the world, rugs or walnut furniture, Kashmiri embroidery from the famous shopping destinations and whole sale markets of Jammu and Kashmir. The warmth of Pashmina shawls and Saffron spice the real flavor of Kashmir, the ambrosial fruits and even the intricately carved handicraft items are the best buys on your visit in the valley of Kashmir.

Jammu and Kashmir is known throughout the world as much for its arts and crafts as for its scenic beauty and bracing climate. Kashmir is integral in its entity. From the amusing trinket to a collector's item, you'll find it all, here. Row upon row of shops filled with handicrafts line the streets. The array is awesome. There are objects to suit every pocket, as the variety within each craft is wide.

If you are planning to be a part of Kashmir this vacation, then do not forget to embark upon your shopping expedition from the very essence of Kashmir, which is Saffron. Your trip will surely be incomplete if you are not the owner of the mesmerizing hand woven carpets. Adorn the floors of your house with the 'Nawadas'. The Pashmina and Shahtoosh shawls are a must buy in Kashmir. No where will else will you get the majestic fabric in accordance with the incomprehensible embroidery. Kashmir is home to some of the best walnut woodcarving done anywhere in the world. The silk manufactured in Kashmir is also of very superior quality. Kashmir is an ideal destination from the prospective of shopping. Being a frugal while you are in Kashmir will make you repent, so shop your heart and pocket out because there is no other Kashmir on the planet.

Shopping in Patnitop

The first thing you should shop for are dry fruits. These products are of high quality. If you want to have something for to wear or take as souvenir, designer accessories are the things for you. You can also buy Dogra jewellery (traditional wear) and Kashmiri handicrafts. Wool and silk hand-knotted carpets , are highly popular among the travellers. You can also purchase Pashmina shawls from the renowned shops of Patnitop.

Shopping in Pahalgam

Visiting Pahalgam and not buying any beautiful handicraft or woolen garments will be a sin. Try out some beautiful ones, having unique kashmiri embroideries. In the shops and Kasmiri emporium, you will find sculptures made of apple tree wood, woolen apparel or phirans, flowing kaftans, beautiful dyed stoles, colorful jackets, mats, embroidered articles such as tea cosies, wall hangings, shawls, and carpets. You can also shop for gabbas and namdas. You can visit the Main Market area, located at the center of Pahalgam, which adequately quenches the thirst of the shopaholics.

Shopping in Katra

Katra has evolved as the shopper's paradise. You will find anything and everything here. Right from offerings to the Goddess, dry food items, special textile products of the place, souvenirs, hand-made wooden articles, to artificial jewelries, you name a product and it is there in the shopping arcade.
The pilgrims not only buy offerings (usually Saari, Shawls, and Churnis) to Vaisno Devi but also special Kasmiri products such as wooden furniture, Kashmiri shawls, silks, Kashmiri carpets, brassware, pherans, and others. Another specialty of this place is the leather-made items. You can buy the best quality leather jackets, caps, and other products.

From the souvenir outlets, you can find Chura (Bangle), publications of Shrine Board, audio and video CDs/DVDs on Mata Vaisno Devi, bags made up of jute, laminated photos of gods and goddesses of Hinduism, et al. You can get all of them at reasonable prices here. You can also collect feet impressions of the Goddess. Cane baskets for carrying fruits and other kinds of food items are also available here. They will cost you anything from Rs. 50 to 500.

Handicrafts That Holds in Your Memory

The old city abounds with shops where objects of copper line the walls, the floor and even the ceiling made generally for the local market. Floral, stylized, geometric, leaf and sometimes-calligraphic motifs are engraved or embossed on copper, called as 'naqash' determines the price of the object. Kashmir is also home for quixotic wood carving and paper mache articles. Kashmiri crewelwork, which is a high quality of embroidery, is in great demand all over the world.

The Traditional Dress of The Paradise
Pheran, the garment worn by the natives of Kashmir, is a traditional dress like a cloak or a coat, covering from top to the bottom, made according to the extreme weather conditions on the top Himalayan zones. Men wear Pherans made of tweed or coarse wool while the women's Pheran is more stylised and made of raffels which is embodied at the throat, cuffs and edges. To have the real feel of Kashmir, must shop for this traditional dress and ethnic silver jewellery that makes a complete Kashmiri Bride.

Take Home The Exotic Walnut Furniture
Kashmir is the only part of India where the walnut tree grows. Carving is the demonstration of the carver’s skill, and walnut, being one of the strongest varieties of wood, is eminently suitable for this. There are several varieties of carvings done on the wood, the most popular being the semi carving, which is a thin panel along the rim of the surface, with a center motif. The intrinsic work of the wood from each part of the tree differs. The root being the most expensive while the branches being the least. The furniture made from this wood is of very superior quality and the intrinsic design is sure to delight you. In-spite of its exotic designs, deep carvings and the immense craftsmanship involved, the prices are not absorbent




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