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Situated in Northern India’s Uttar Pradesh, Varanasi's climate is characterised by its high humidity. However, the heated climate notwithstanding, it attracts thousands of visitors year after year.

Summers are really hot, with the temperature getting as high as 45° C. Lasting from early April to October, the long summer can become tiring, and many locals go about their daily business only in the evening. The heat is further intensified by hot dry winds called ‘loo'.

If you find that you cannot cope with the heat, it is best to go sight-seeing either in the morning or evening, and spend the afternoon in an air-conditioned restaurant. The extreme heat is mitigated by the intervening spells of rain. Relief comes too in the form of the deliciously sweet and juicy mangoes that are abundantly available all through the summer.

Beginning in late June or early July and generally lasting for about two months, monsoons in Varanasi are accompanied by the rains. Humidity continues to remain high. The rest of the year - from October to April – the climate is pleasant and this is considered the best time to visit.

Winters are agreeable with temperatures dipping to 7°C thanks to the cold waves from the Himalayan region. Fog is common during this time. If you're visiting in winter, make sure that you carry a pullover, jacket and some light woollen clothes.

Torrential rains and high humidity accompanies the monsoons that usually come in late June or early July for about two months. Delicious and juicy mangoes offer little relief from the sweating weather. For those who are ready to face a sun and don't mind the odor of sweat, Varanasi is a place to visit all the year round.

There are three seasons in Varanasi. Since Varanasi is in the North East of India, it has very different weather than the Southern part of India. Regardless, November through March is generally pleasant, with bright, sunny days. It is hot in May and June. The hot weather is when Varanasi is dry, dusty and unpleasant. Monsoon season breaks around July. During Monsoon season, there is generally high humidity, electrical storms, short rainstorms and dust storms. Though it doesn’t rain all day, it does rain every day. Regardless of the rain, it is still very hot and humid.   It is not recommended to travel during this time. In around October the monsoon season ends. October is the most popular time for tourists to vist. The coolest weather tends to last from December to February, with cool, fresh mornings and evenings and dry, sunny days.   Since Varanasi is in the north, it can become rather cold at night, sometimes bone-chilling.

It is recommended to bring lightweight cottons and linens throughout the year since most of the time it is very humid. Also, it is recommended to bring waterproof gear all year but especially during monsoon seasons, usually from July to mid-October. Warmer clothes are useful for cooler evenings.

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