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Safety in India

 If you are traveling to India it is good to know some procedures that can help ensure your safety during your trip. 

The key suggestion is to always travel with someone else and not go alone, especially during the night or in remote areas. If you have booked a tour, the tour guide will instruct you further on where and when to go safe.

Always keep your belongings in a safe place and make sure to keep an extra eye open when going through a busy area or during busy times, such as an Indian holiday, when more people tend to go outside. Also make sure not to lose your travel partners during this time.

If you are going on the train or bus, make sure to sit with your travel partners and to no interfere with other people. If you need to go somewhere by taxi, the best option is to use call service instead of taking a taxi from the street.

Make sure to write down important phone numbers and the adress of where you are staying in case of an emergency. Other phone numbers to consider can be: your local embassy, taxi call service, police and/or hospital, your current tour guide, your hotel or place where you are staying.

When traveling to a new area in India it is recommended to write down the closest hospital and police station in case of an emergency. You can also look up other addresses of places you want to visit and mark them down on the map so that you have a sense of direction in the area since it is unknown.

You can read more about safety in India at your local embassy website where you will also find a phone number and address for the embassy of your country in case of an emergency.


Embassy websites

Key points

  • Write down the phone number and address of your hotel/residence
  • Check the area which you will be staying in on the map
  • Avoid traveling alone
  • Keep your embassy, police station and hospital addresses and phone numbers
  • Be careful when traveling in the train, bus or taxi
  • Use caution when entering busy areas

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