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Train in India

Traveling through India by train is definitely an experience to remember. Going by train is sometimes also the most efficient and convenient way to go from one place to another in India. Taking the express train from Delhi to Mumbai is for example cheaper and more effective than the flight. During your train ride you will get the chance to experience India visually and make memories for life.

There are different ways of checking trains for India, the most common way is to visit one of the official websites for Indian Railways. Here you can check fares and times of different trains and make a reservation. Other ways to make a reservation and buy a ticket is at the train station, at a tourist centre or online through different agencies. You can also talk to your tour guide to arrange and reserve tickets for your train traveling.

All trains are similar and offer different classes such as first and second class, with or without air condition. You can also choose a sleeper train where you will travel overnight. You can choose an express train if you want to get somewhere more comfortably and faster. In the express trains there is usually a meal included in the ticket fare which will be served at your seat. Other trains usually have an attendant selling smaller food items such as snacks, soft drinks and tea.

Bus in India

Traveling by bus in India is also common when going to smaller cities or destinations where it is not possible to get by train or flight. You can check bus times and fares on one of the official sites for bus rides. Going by bus is very cheap and you can choose to go on a local bus or a sleeper bus. In some cases you can not get a bus ticket in advance, instead you will get it directly at the bus station or from the bus driver. If you are taking a local bus then you will need to switch buses in different cities so it is important to keep track of where you are going. In some cases you will not get a seat reserved and you might have to stand during the bus ride until a seat is available. You can also choose to take a sleeper bus and with that arrive at your final destination. Remember to keep your belongings close to you during the bus ride. 

Taxi in India

If you need to take a taxi to go a short distance it is recommended to call a taxi service. In some cities you can find taxi stands and take a taxi from there. Make sure that the taxi has a fare-meter which starts when the car starts going. The colors of taxis vary from city to city so before going to your destination you can check what colors are common for the taxis in the city which you are going to. Many of the taxis compete with the rickshaws which tend to be cheaper and faster since they can get through a crowd, however the safety for the rickshaws should be considered.

Car in India

If you plan to rent a car in India it is good to make sure which documents are needed beforehand. Common standards for Western car rental services are not the same in India. When renting a car in India there is usually a driver already which will drive you, making it better for you to not worry about navigation and traffic. If you are planning to go somewhere with your travel partners it is suggested to consult with your tour guide who can arrange the car ride. 

Things to consider for car rental

  • Copy of passport, insurance and driver's license
  • Payment can be made with cash or card
  • Requesting a specific car model is not always possible
  • Most of the times you can rent your car in one location and return it in another location
  • Cost of fuel is usually included in the rental charges
  • A deposit needs to be paid if you don't want a driver
  • You need to pay some taxes such as service tax and sales tax

More information on car rentals can be found here.

Flight in India

If you are planning to fly from one city to another in India you can check at the domestic airlines websites to see which airline is best suitable for your trip on the flights section of this website.

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